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Why BitDefender Antivirus Is The Best Choice

  If you are looking for reliable antivirus software that will provide you with the highest level of protection, then BitDefender Antivirus is going to be your best choice. There are very few antivirus programs that will give you the level of protection that this software package offers. With the majority of people being connected to the Internet, it is only a matter of time before your computer gets a virus that could potentially cause you to lose everything on the hard drive. By installing BitDefender Antivirus onto your computer, you can be certain of your protection while you surf the web. The Performance of BitDefender One of the best things about this program is that it is very successful at protecting you from threats, such as viruses and spyware. The reason that this program is able to protect you from these threats is because it covers you from a number of angles that other software programs do not. BitDefender will monitor your incoming emails and instant messages, whic