A New Bitdefender Security App - Revamped and Refurbished to Ensure Better Protection

Bitdefender has never managed the most detailed feature set for any Android security suite. Meanwhile, it makes use of a distinct cloud-based malware scanning technology which works at super fast speed and needs an internet connection.

Bitdefender's approach for safety is different and it delivers only what's needed to stay safe. Extra features include data backup and call blocking, which however do not present protection against the biggest mobile threats. Bitdefender's say on Android security has always been robust yet graceful and the latest update rolled out is bound to do it even better. The latest security app from Bitdefender which is designed to deliver top-notched security for Android is the BitdefenderMobile Security and Antivirus 2.8 version.

Bitdefender taking a different approach, in place of piling on features, has delivered only what's obligatory. In all, it's lightweight, fast and effective in presenting Android security efficiently. So, use this to stay safe and protect your Android devices from all sorts of issues and problems.

There's easy support available

The support offered for Bitdefender helps in understanding all issues and errors associated with the security solutions released by this brand. Bitdefender antivirus support can be availed at not just the home company, but with many third-party vendors as well.

Availing anytime support is very easy and requires making just one call on the Bitdefender tech support

 The writer is an Bitdefender technical support  specialist at  BitdefenderCentral - a Global Company offering technical support for computers. connect with a live technician remotely, and get your issue resolved instantly .




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