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Bitdefender offers a wide range of products to its users. It delivers its products in around 150 countries through different partners. Bitdefender Central is a platform that provides access to the online features and services of the products. It protects Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS from hacker attacks. It is called one-stop security for all your devices. Users can access their Bitdefender account from any mobile or computer through Its products include cloud-based endpoints, self-configuring kits, etc. It provides a smooth experience on all Windows-based, Androids, and MAC systems. Keep reading to know more about Bitdefender Central. In this write-up, we will discuss each Bitdefender Central modules' functions, common login issues faced by users, and steps to remove a device from the Bitdefender account.

Bitdefender Central Modules and their functions

In this section of the write-up, we'll discuss the functions of Bitdefender Central Modules in detail.

  1. My Devices:

  • In this, users can see the list of products on their devices.

  • Users can also install Bitdefender Products on Windows, Android, Mac, or iOS devices.

  • Users can also control the devices on which Bitdefender is installed.

  1. Digital Identity Protection:

  • With this module, users can determine whether the personal information has ever been leaked and can get instant alerts for future risks.

  • Bitdefender Digital Identity Protection has three features: Digital Footprint Visualization (with this users can get to know how much of their personal information has been made public), Continuous Identity Monitoring (makes users aware of sensitive information about users identity), and Real-Time Alerts ( Sends alerts about data breaches, social media impersonations, and account take-overs).

  1. Parental Control:

  • Activity:- Displays child's activity on the device based on the hours spent.

  • Applications:- Shows how many application the child uses on the device.

  • Websites:- Shows general domains of interest that parents can block or allow.

  • Phone contacts:- Shows the list of contacts that child has. Parents can block the contacts they want.

  • Child location:- Parents can monitor the location of the child.

  • Screen time:- With this, parents can allow access to the device for a limited time.

  1. Premium Services:

  • In this section, users can choose a premium service plan and can purchase it.

  1. My Subscriptions:

  • In this, users can see the subscriptions and payments attached to their account.

  • Users can manage their subscriptions.

  • Users can activate subscriptions with an activation code.

  1. My Offers:

  • In this, users receive only personalized offers, which are made according to the user's system security.

  1. Support:

  • Here, users can get help regarding any Bitdefender product.

  1. Ask the Community:

Users can join the Bitdefender community and can get answers, exchange ideas with the experts.

Common Bitdefender Central Account Issues

Users might face the following issues while accessing the Bitdefender Central account:

  • The page is not displayed correctly.

  • Users encounter an unknown error.

  • Platform returning to the same page.

If you face any one of the above issues, keep the below points in mind and follow the given instructions.

  • Make sure the web browser is up to date:

Google Chrome:- In google chrome, updates happen in the background when you reopen or close the browser. To update the browser, follow the below steps:

~ Firstly, open Google Chrome.

~ Click on "More" in the upper-right corner.

~ Now, click on the "Update Google Chrome" button.

~ After that, click on the "Relaunch" button.

  • Clear the cache from the web browser.

  • Try to log in to your Bitdefender Central account from a different browser.

  • Try to log in to your Bitdefender Central account from a different device.

Note: if your password is incorrect, go to the Bitdefender Central page and click on the "Forgot Password" button. Write the email address connected with your account, and follow the further instructions to reset your password.

Guidelines to remove a device from Bitdefender Central Account

If you want to remove a device from Bitdefender Central account, follow the steps given below:

  • Open the web browser on your device.

  • Search the "Bitdefender Central" page and complete the sign-in process.

  • Now, move to the "My Device" section and select the device you wish to remove.

  • Click on the "VIEW DETAILS/VIEW ISSUES" button.

  • Now, tap on the three dots and select the "remove" button.

  • Tick on the box in front of "confirm that you understand the risks of the action" and then select the "remove" button.

  • Therefore, the device is successfully removed from the Bitdefender Central account.

  • The devices left on your subscription will update in a short time.

Note: Before removing the device from the Bitdefender Central account, ensure you uninstall the Bitdefender product from the device.


In this write-up, we have shared the information about Bitdefender Central. We have also provided the functions of the Bitdefender Central modules and some common issues faced by users at the time of log in. you will also find the steps to remove a device from the Bitdefender account in this write-up.


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